Racism In David Theo Goldberg's Article 'All Lives Matter'

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Racism, is a controversial topic that has no right or wrong opinion, but is something that is taught rather than someone being born with it. Racism is a sensitive topic that is effected by young kids, to CEO’s of businesses. The issue involving racism is a rather sensitive topic that is brought up either too much or too little. Talking about racism is difficult, because everyone has their own opinions on the topic. The issue is that, some feel that all races are not treated correctly or the way other races are treated. Ultimately, everyone just wants to be treated equally no matter the color of their skin. In the end, people are all equal in God’s eyes, and everyone deserves to be treated the way we want to be treated. In David Theo Goldberg’s article entitled “All Lives matter” Disregards Race-Based Inequality,” he summarizes the issue of “all lives matter”, versus “black lives matter. Goldberg talks about how people continually say, “all lives matter” but they “overlook social and …show more content…
Machtan starts out by stating that the Germans have “islamophobia” (Machtan). Which is a racist term that automatically involves every person in the Islamic society. Propagandas have started up in the country “against islamization” (Machtan). “The need felt by Islamic organizations in Germany to present themselves as a collective unit has become especially obvious in the debates surrounding Pegida and its anti-Muslim rhetoric (Machtan).” Islamic groups in Germany are trying to show to the public that all muslims are not bad. Machtan’s main idea is that peoples who are part of the Islamic society aren’t nessacarily terrorists who are trying to bomb others. Blaming Islamic groups for being terrorists in blankly a racist

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