The Causes And Effects Of Racism In America

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Racism In America Today many people find themselves drawn to the news and stories publicized on media. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or various other media sites, stories of race frequently published and shared by many individuals. Racism tends to be a topic that is frequently discussed and publicized. The question however, is why? Slavery ended so why is racism such a heavily discussed topic in society today? Any conversation, paper, argument, or discussion can begin over ignorance or the lack of knowledge over a topic. Many arguments begin because one person believes they know more about the topic then the other person, when in turn neither probably know all the facts pertaining to the argument at hand. Is it possible …show more content…
The previous paragraph explained the connection between slavery and racism. As well as the continuation of racism over time and its effects on the people of this country. The paragraph was concluded by stating that racism has not ended and that it most likely will not come to an end. As racism, has taken an increase in society, the probability that this issue will come to an end decreases as time goes on. The true question here is, why does the likely hood of unity and peace diminish over time? Is it that as the population of the United States increases, parents pass their beliefs and hateful thoughts onto their children? Is it politics and the government that cause the people of this country to hate and discriminate against one another? Is it because the United States has become a country of diversity, containing an increase in races of the population? Or is it simply the unwillingness of individuals to see and move past the hate and prejudice? Is the United States of America a country full of hatred? The estimated population of the United States as of July 1, 2016, was stated to be 321,418,820 people. A poll conducted by CNN found that forty-nine percent of Americans claimed that racism is “a big problem”. Almost half of the population surveyed believed that racism was an issue worth bringing light to and solving this issue. Although these numerous amounts of people recognize the issues and dilemmas, as well as hate crimes, and many more consequences of racism, it appears not a single person has strived to solve this issue. It appears that although racism is recognized, it may not be understood to its full extent. Or have the citizens of this country accepted racism as a minor issue? If it was believed to be a “big problem” as stated by the people interviewed it would take precedence over other minor issues. Rather than attempting to find a solution to an issue that seems to always be in the media spotlight and

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