Racism And Discrimination Towards African Americans Essay

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Racism and Discrimination towards African-Americans

Introduction Racism and discrimination of the African-Americans in the United States of America have been a major issue that began way back during the colonial and slavery era. One would think that after such a long period of fighting for human rights and the changes made in the constitution to make life better and equal for the black Americans, discrimination would be outdated. On the contrary, the issue continues to gain weight, especially in the police force. For a long time, African-Americans have been victims of discriminatory racial profiling by the police. Racism is clearly seen in more of modern socioeconomic inequality, which is in the education system, employment and politics and in some cases housing. Racism against blacks is mostly usually rooted in the fact that the white people are usually perceived to be superior and the blacks well, relatively inferior.
Racial discrimination Driving as an African-Americans is sometimes a nightmare due to discrimination and harassment by the police. This problem is not something new to the people of color as it has been in existence since the era of slavery. The number of African-Americans that are pulled over by the police and frisked is way higher than that of the white Americans. A study showed that in New York alone, 80% of the people pulled over by the police are blacks and Latinos. Eighty-five percent of this number was…

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