Cultural Problem Of Discrimination In Yellow Face By David Henry Hwang

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In the play Yellow Face, David Henry Hwang tries to address the cultural problem of discrimination in the media against the Chinese. David Henry Hwang tries to show injustices of the united states when it comes to the Broadway show who tried to cast a white man as the main role in the Asian Broadway play. He hoped to end discrimination, and try to get the roles filled by real Asian-American’s than by men in so called yellow face. He tries to show how easy it is for anyone to pass themselves off as multiple races, and it is a very narrow problem when it comes to this specific ethnicity. The very thing that is making the issue so complex is the fact this is such a sensitive issue when it comes to the general public about discrimination. In the play Yellow Face, they show the government who goes after only the Asian community in suspect of trying to influence political propaganda. The man in the movie named Marcus that David …show more content…
David Henry Hwang really shows the issues when it comes to the Asian-American community but also shows that nothing is impossible when it comes to society bonding together and not focusing on the colors of each others skin. Being a server in the restaurant industry, we judge people based on many factors. But because of the play, I will open my eyes more up to giving everyone a chance no matter what. You get to see that in Yellow Face that the minority’s deal with a lot to just be accepted, and who are we to let them feel like they are not important. It also shows the ability for us to be very ignorant, especially the character Marcus who poses as Asian to be accepted in the Broadway community is insanely degrading and shouldn’t happen. But it wasn’t until the end when everything starting going into place and the lying came to an end and they worked against the discrimination and worked with the white male to create

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