Reflective Essay On Being Gay

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What if I told you that you can’t do anything that you ever wanted to? What if I told you this is because you are gay? What if I told you that none of you get the respect you deserve simply because you are gay? Most of these people spend their lives answering the question “What if” and this is because these people have no hope, they have lost faith in humanity.
Being gay is being homosexual and homosexuality in simple words can be defined as a person who is attracted to someone of his own sex. It’s been 38 years since I heard Harvey Milk speak on the stage and I have never seen someone who was as courageous as him. His speech titled ‘Hope’ changed my perspective on how I looked at homosexuals. My perspective today is that everyone
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I was in San Diego and the California democratic Caucus organized a dinner of the gay caucus. I reached the dinner accidently by taking the wrong bus. I was waiting for a cab and then I heard Harvey Milk speak and well, stayed there until he finished. I personally never understood what the gay community was and I was always against them. I always believed that they were wrong and that homosexual people did not have their own voice but after listening to the speech now popularly known as “hope” my perspective about the homosexuals changed. I realised that they could do what every other human could do but because of their actions they were not accepted in society. I was very delighted to hear a speech like that even though I am not gay because I believed in everything that Harvey Milk said like “we must be judged by our leaders”. I believe that everything, every religion has flaws and no religion is perfect. We judge blacks by their leader today but before they had someone to speak for them they were considered to be the untouched who could just be used as workers or slaves to the whites.
Having hope is one of the most important aspects of life. If one does not have hope he will never have self-confidence and if one does not have self-confidence they will never fight for themselves. People will give up easily and the ones who don’t will be satisfied with what they get. “They must not be content to sit in the back of the bus”. Homosexuals will
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People who conduct homosexual acts can be given a death penalty. Today countries like Uganda have bills passed like Anti-Homosexuality act which are approved by the government. Even when these acts were banned there are still talks about reintroducing him.
I think torturing someone is very wrong. Giving a homosexual a death penalty does not make sense. A homosexual can contribute to a country’s economy, a homosexual also pays tax, a homosexual does everything someone straight does hence it is wrong that homosexuals are given a death penalty in many countries but straight people are not.
In today’s world the media and politicians have shaped the mind of the society in a way where they always consider homosexuals to be an inferior group. Even in places gay marriage has been legalised the homosexuals are not safe and this is because they are tortured by society. People are still uncomfortable having such people, all homosexuals are tortured. They are undressed and tortured in the worst ways possible. They are tortured to the limits that in countries like Iran gay people are forced to undress on live telecast of a television show. Everyone can see

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