Essay On Discrimination Against Asian Americans

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Racism has planted its roots into our society and Asian Americans face just as much discrimination as any other race. Racism towards Asians and Asian Americans happens so frequently that it has become acceptable and we Asians have built some sort of tolerance. We become unaware as we start believing it is normal to be treated poorly. Asians face racism a lot differently from other ethic groups. Although we rarely hear about Asians facing racism, it is living strong and in most cases they are left unpunished or ignored.
People overlook the many other races that face discrimination and are left unacknowledged. Why is black enslavement more popular to discuss about in history class or our everyday modern society than it is to discuss about
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Asians are also labeled as geeks who excel in math, are very smart biologically, and hardworking individuals. According to the article Stereotyping Asian-Americans: Harvard Calls It ‘Diversity’ But It’s More Like Racial Balancing by YuKong Zhoa, Daniel Golden Thomas Espenshade believes that the reason behind these discrimination is because “Asian Americans are held to a higher standard than the other races” Although these are the better stereotypes Asian Americans face, there are plenty of horrible and equally inaccurate ones like Asians are the worst when it comes to driving, can not play sports but know martial arts, are socially awkward and passive with no leadership skills. I’m full Chinese born in Burma and came to the United States when I was five. From personal experience, I have encountered many racial encounters. As a kid people made fun of my lunch that smelled horrible to them or my bowl shaped haircut that was cut by my mother. Growing older I still come by people that jokingly make racial remarks regarding my ethnicity. I was mistaken for somebody else who also of an Asian race. Their response was “ oh sorry, all you Asians look

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