Racial Stereotypes Of African Americans And Hispanic Americans

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Area all racializations equal? The question posed for this assignment made me pause. The first answer that came to me was, “No, of course not,” and while this still may be my final conclusion, it is not that simple of an answer. Some racial stereotypes can be directly harmful to a group of people, and some racial stereotypes are quieter and are more indirect. To explain what I mean by this I will look at racial stereotypes of African American and Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and white Americans. First African Americans and Hispanic Americans. I realize that these groups of people are unique and experience different stereotypes; however, due to the readings from the past few weeks I have decided to group them together for this comparison. In the article by Patrick McGrady and John Reynold I learned about the racial stereotypes African Americans and Hispanic Americans come face to face with in the school system. Students that belong to these groups are often seen negatively by teacher, especially if their teachers are white. While the teachers may not realize they are stereotyping their students, they have a subconscious perception of their students from the first time they meet them. The first thing a teacher notices about their students is their appearance, and growing up in America there is a certain notion about people of different races that is taught through society. I admit that in the past I have made judgements about people based on looks. It is…

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