Racial Profiling Still Happening Today Essay

1177 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
Our society has many faces; we wake up every morning seeing different kind of people with different kind of colours, different kind of ethnicity and different kind of “races”. Our world is based on how we lived it and throughout history, many changes has occur, when it comes to stereotypes, prejudices and forms of discriminations. Many events have occur where some “races” are superior then others and many people have been racial profiled over many things and we see things a lot throughout minorities and it is still happening today? The question is; why is racial profiling still happening today and what causes it? Is it because of all the stereotypes around the world, or is it because of all the forms of discriminations and prejudices people are surrounded by.

Why do we racial profile people? Is it because of crime or is our presumptions of people “race” based on the ratio of crime committed by the same “race” factor? In our textbook, racial profiling happens, “when people use a person’s race as the primary reason to suspect that the individual has broken the law.” (Carl & Bélanger, 2015, pp. 228-229).

To me, this is some sort of prejudice towards another race and generalizing about one’s colour and ethnicity. For example, lets see a colour person goes to a store and someone from a different colour is stealing something who’s ethnicity isn’t the type to steal, and the person that just came in, his ethnicity is one that is most common to steal, the clerk will assume he is…

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