Essay about Racial Profiling And The Law Enforcement System

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Racial profiling is a strategy of stopping a citizen because of their color of his or her skin, and fleeting suspicion that the person is conspiring in criminal behavior. This application can be managed with routine traffic stops, or can be entirely random based upon the car that is being driven, or the amount of people in the car and the ethnicity of the driver and the passengers aboard. Racial profiling has been apart of the law enforcement system for a long time now, and it is nothing that has not been seen. The only reason why people hear more about this topic is due to the use of media, and how it has brought this controversial topic to the public eye a lot more than in the past. The question that has so much controversy, is racial profiling just or bad, and does it actually have an effect on the way law enforcement fight crime. Racial profiling can be put into two meanings, rigid profiling and light profiling. A case of hard profiling would be if an officer sees an African American person, pulls him over for a frisking on the chance that he may be carrying illegal substances or a weapon. Soft profiling would be a case such as, when the state police get a clue that a certain demographic is trafficking drugs down a specific highway, and drive a certain type of car, and from this tip the troopers pull over a person matching the stereotype in a hope to find drugs and the criminals at hand. The racial profiling debate centers primarily on highway halts. The police are…

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