Race Discrimination in the Workforce Essay

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TO: Wanzek Construction Inc. a Mas Tec Company 3100 Broadway E Williston, North Dakota 58801 (701) 572-3200
FROM: Anthony Butler 1621 8th St N #310 Wahpeton, North Dakota 58075 (701) 658-0587

The violations below are just some of the harassment incidents received by Anthony Butler.
Trenton Job Site Pioneer
When returning back to Wanzek’s after layoff I had noticed in my paycheck I had lost $2 an hour in pay when I had received a $2 raise and a gift certificate before layoff. I did report the loss of wage to Tina Harrison in Human Resources and she would e-mail Phyllis at Headquarters. Anthony Butler has
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At that point I walked away to clear my head and then started back working.
On November 19, 2012 Butler came into the man camp and turned ESPN on to watch the football game. Wade an employee and also roommate walked into the house mumbling under his breath about Butler having the TV on football. Butler spoke, “hello Wade” and Wade ignored him. At that point Wade told Kyle Olson (herein Olson) another employee and roommate, “Let’s go to the bar”. They left the house and came back approximately 1 am drunk, slamming doors, talking loud and making it obvious that they’re intention was to wake me up so I would come out of my room and start a confrontation. This went on for almost 45 minutes. I stayed in my room and couldn’t go back to sleep the rest of the night. In the morning Wade slammed the door so hard Butler thought it broke the window because Butler had made previous complaints about Wade slamming the doors every morning to Wade and Olson.
Several of other incidents not mentioned at the present time will eventually be brought to light by Butler after the EEOC investigation has been completed.

As cited in the Employee Safety Handbook given to employees of Wanzek’s states verbatim on pg. ii;
Equal Opportunity States: The Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages women, minorities, veterans and the disabled to apply. We recruit, hire and promote all job classifications based

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