Questions On The Interview Questions Essay

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When we were deciding on our interview questions (as seen in part 6), one of the first things that we had to address was our own personal biases towards our applicants, as we all have varying relationships with them. When we wrote the questions, we intentionally wrote them open-ended and with as minimal guidance as possible so that we could gauge their pure responses without unfair coaching. The way the questions were written was the exact way we recited them to the applicants for uniformity reasons. All of the measures we took to ensure that these were fair interviews resulted in us coming up with a mathematical way to grade the applicants responses. Because of the biases we were aware of, we decided that a mathematical approach would best choose our applicant, as opposed to debating and/or deciding subjectively; thusly, objectivity was paramount to our interview question development, delivery, and in grading each and every applicant’s response.
We had 6 questions total for each applicant. We decided that each response should be graded out of 5 individually, where 0 reflects the worst score and 5 reflects the best answer they could give to a question. Each evaluator assigned a 0-5 score to each applicants question; when the scores were added up per person and per evaluator, a total of 90 points was the maximum score. Again, touching on the topic of objectivity and removing bias, before we totalled up the scores we went through each question and explained why or what…

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