Questions On Self Reflection : Personal Connection & How This Will Help You Construct High Quality Summative Assessments

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CLO Evidence (description and explanation including where found ) Self-Reflection (Personal connection & how this will help you construct high quality summative assessments)
1. Assess individual and group performance through use of established criteria for student mastery (including rubrics) in order to design instruction to meet learners’ needs in each area of development (cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical). Kindergarten through first grade Accelerated Reading Program :

Understudies will be investigation and refer to understudies can read closely and analytically to understand to complex terms in literacy to upgrade their linguistic and cognitive advancement. Citing particular text based proof to support conclusions from content.

Execution undertaking and engineering improvement Testing the accompanying aptitudes: letter-naming, starting sounds, phoneme division, babble words, and oral perusing familiarity.
2. Construct formative and summative assessments aligned with content and technology standards and instructional learning objectives to support, verify, and document learning. Informational content for understudies is been permitted and innovation empowered and improved where understudies have admittance to machines Understudies have the capacity examine their task which will shows proof of learning. The undertaking will be to clarify their findings and their assets or apparatuses accessible will be innovation empower and educational content.

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