Questions On Human Resource Management Essay

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1. What did you learn in your courses about the work of human resources professionals?
In Denisi/Griffin’s Human Resources Management textbook, the definition for the “Goals of Human Resource Management” were adequate. An individual who selects this field must demonstrate “facilitating organizational competitiveness”, “enhancing productivity and quality”, “comply with legal and social obligations”, and “promote individual growth and development”. (Griffin, 2011)
The Human Resource director or manager has a legal obligation to the organization to ensure the company is following state and federal employment laws. Every organization must have a written policy and procedure manual, and it is highly imperative the information in the manual is updated.
Every department has a manager at Ortho Georgia; the manager has the authority to discipline their employees; this discipline process may be demonstrated in the form of a verbal or written write-up. The policy at Ortho Georgia, before a manager can present an employee with a verbal or written write-up; the manager must present the concerns to the CEO and HR Director.
The purpose for this procedure; the CEO and HR director have an obligation to the employee, and the organization. Management wants to make sure all discipline discussions are within the legal obligations of the organization.
If an organization has employment vacancy’s, there are occasions when a representative from the human resource department should be involved…

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