Questions On How Your Personality Is What This Extra Credit? Essay

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Extra Credit #2

Knowing about your personality is what this extra credit was about. Filling out the questionnaire was a bit confusing or let’s say difficult for me because I felt like both of the choices contained somewhat of my personality. Overall it was fun getting the result of my own personality. Every question I answered, I felt curious thinking that what change might this answer bring to my result. But, to know myself, I answered all questionnaire with those behaviors that is more in me in comparison. These questionnaires helped me to know what type of person I am.
Now, let’s discuss about the result I got starting with the four letters I got. Those were E(Extravert), S(Sensing), F(Feeling) and J(Judging). And the score I got on Extravert personality is 82%. And I think it is correct because I love to talk with people more than reading a book. In most of the context I categorize myself as an Extravert person like the moto of this personality; ready, fire, aim. And I think missing 18% is my Introvert behavior because I tend to go through a problem and find a solution to get out of it. My sensing nature was given 57% and I am not sure of this nature of mine. It is because, I think that I am like 50-50 comparing sensing and intuitive behavior of mine. I prefer to work on facts as well as the patterns and relationship among those facts. I would like to follow the steps in a plan so that I could see a big picture which for me is a big achievement in my future. And I…

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