Questions On Common Formative Assessments Essay

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Day 1 and 2

Important anagram to know *CFA- Common formative assessments - common only to the grade level. Office 365 was a big topic of the meeting. Every teacher is given free Office 365. You can use Office 365 with many applications. One of the applications works similar to Dropbox. The main difference between this application and Dropbox is that Dropbox has limited space. This Office application has unlimited space.

Meet the teacher procedures -parents fill out front and back of the document that lists student information. Every child will be issued carpool numbers, but they must be given new tags. The principal stressed over and over that the parents can not pick their kids up with an old tag. They need to have the new tag in order to get their children. There are 13 buses instead of 12 this year. The pink bus is the new bus added to the route. Everyone is given one free tag. If they lose the first tag they can purchase another. Every child in the district has access to a bus. Spirit and club shirts will only be worn on Fridays.cThe rolls are tentative. Children might be switched around from room to room. The literacy donation can be transferred with that teacher. No child will suffer if their parent chooses not to donate. Supplies for children who can’t afford school supplies will be provided in the office. A local church made a nice donation. Digital literacy programs are being added.
Chess in the schools is a new club offered at Collier. Chess will be a…

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