Essay on Questions On Checks And Balances

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Checks and balances refer to a situation where different branches are created to prevent actions by others as well as share power with them. Each of the three branches of government such as the executive, the judiciary, the legislature does not have the full control of the powers allocated to it. None of these branches could operate without the consent and support of the other two branches. The check and balance basis is used to divide the government power among the three branches giving each branch the right to respond to and block other branches actions. An example can be seen where the Congress have the right to pass a law, the president the right to veto it and Supreme Court to render it unconstitutional through judicial review (Hamilton & Madison, 2011). Checks and balances enable those involved to stop others actions through judicial reviews and vetoing to avoid incidents of abuse of power.
The legislation made up in the Congress have the power to pass a law that is of the benefit of the state without the president 's consent to impeach a president in case of any misconduct by the president. Additionally, they can impeach the President if they feel he/she is not in a proper state to conduct the task assigned to him and to confirm any treaties and nominations by the President to ensure that they are done impartially and for the benefit of the nation and not personal benefit. Legislation has facilitated this by the fact that they represent the public interest; they are…

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