Pyrex Cookware Case Study

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The objective for this report is to explain all the failures that might occur while making Pyrex and what are the cure that will help to prevent all of the causes and failures. Corning Inc. introduced Pyrex cookware in the market. Later, Pyrex was expanded to make clear and opal ware objects. Pyrex has a unique property that is Lower thermal expansion. Pyrex cookware is mostly made of borosilicate but it was later replaced by soda lime glass because that has a strong mechanical strength. Another thing includes that this brand had also been continuously used for non-kitchen utensils and cookware for many years.
This made the cookware more resistant to breakage when dropped. As well, borosilicate glass bake ware was fewer vulnerable to thermal
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Following precaution must be considered while using Pyrex cookware:

• Avoiding sudden temperature change.
• Oven must be preheated.
• The Pyrex shouldn’t be in the freezer then putting it in the oven.
• Temperature should not be more than 450.
• Do not use any kind of cover, which is not a part of Pyrex cookware.
• Avoid knocking the cookware against any hard object.
• Carefully handle the cookware because sometimes when it is hot, people try to garb it resulting in the burning of hand as well as breaking of cookware.
One of the best Pyrex’s was in amazon that took all the attention by the consumers it took 4.5 from 5, but the most ratings were 5 and that’s why this product was the best because it was cheap and affordable by the consumers.

• The set includes different cups with lids.
• Made of nonporous glass that won't warp, stain, or absorb odors
• Glass is preheated oven, microwave, fridge, freezer & dishwasher safe.
• Lid is BPA free and top-rack dishwasher safe.
• Pyrex Glass comes with a 2 Year Warranty and it’s made in the USA.
• Made of tough, clear glass with flat, straight sides; dark blue plastic lids.
• Stores in the refrigerator, warms in the microwave, and serves at casual
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It is therefore concluded that must be use only Pyrex cookware with soda-lime glass because it can absorb the radical change in temperature. While using Pyrex it should be kept in mind that it can shatter if proper precautions are not taken like not preheating, temperature beyond the range, knocking the cookware against hard object. There is a lot of types of Pyrex’s, hopefully the explanation for it and the considerations was clear so the reader know how this procedure works the materials that can hold a lot of heat can be succeed as a Pyrex. Note figure 1.4 is allow you to know the procedure and how the manufacturing process carry on to make the Pyrex from the beginning to the consumers and it need to be in one page alone so it can be clear to the

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