Boiling Point Lab Report

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This experiment examined the boiling process and the effect of added ingredients. Purpose of this experiment is to understand boiling process as well as the factors that affect this property.
The objective of this experiment is to investigate the appearance and temperature of range of water that is lukewarm, scalding, simmering and boiling point. On top of that, we also need to determine the factors that boiling temperature of water alone and with various ingredients added. In this experiment, appearance and temperature range of water will be determined. Various amount of ingredient will be added and changed in boiling point will be observed.
Result show that, from 28°C to 35°C the range of water is called lukewarm, from 65°C to 91°C is considered as scalding, from 92°C to 99°C this range of water is called simmering, and boiling occur during 100°C.Boiling point of water increased by 10C becomes 1010C when sugar is added but no change when cornmeal and gelatin is added. In fact, the appearance of oil also studies by us in this experiment. We notice that no change occur in appearance of oil even it being heat until 1900C. From the result obtained, we notice that the boiling temperature raise when salt and sugar is added but no changes occur when cornmeal and gelatin is added. Boiling point increase due to decrease of vapor pressure. Water does not vaporize easily because the surface area for water to escape to the surrounding is decreasing when solute like salt and sugar are added to it. More energy are required to increase the vapor pressure of sugar solution or salt solution to exceed the atmospheric pressure so that
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This is because the oil molecules are much bigger than water molecules that has more surface to stick to one another because more energy is needed to overcome the chemical

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