Dynamic Assessment Report

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My approach to dynamic assessment allowed me to measure the effect of an lesson on my student’s performance. I performed a pre-test of the student’s knowledge, followed by a teaching mediation, and then a post-test to see how the knowledge changed. The ‘pre-test, mediation, post-test’ method resembles a traditional research design, but the aim is not to carry out a research study on a group of students, but to use this information to guide the learner and inform the teacher.

DYNAMIC ASSESSMENT (test-teach-test): Julius Caser

Subject: Inter -disciplinary English, Drama & Global History
Grade Level: 10th grade Inclusion Classes
Target Population: NYC’s most vulnerable students who are currently/recently homeless or transitionally housed,
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(For example, time before the Roman Empire, time during the Roman Empire, time between the fall of the Roman Empire and modern history, and modern history) Possible sources of information would be books, web based articles and periodicals, and films/videos. Use this class period to gather information. Take notes. In the next class period, bring materials to class to actually make a timeline. Use a roll of paper with coloured markers to make the timeline or computer generated (make sure it is printed out). During your presentation, have each group member give a short report about his/her segment of Roman history. Coordinate the use of your timeline as a visual …show more content…
A good article should give you a good outline of the periods in the history of the Roman Empire. Have one group member get the search. Find the article, and have one group member read it to the group. One group member should take notes, noting the periods of the Empire. Then assign one period of the Roman Empire 's growth to each student in the group. All of this should take less than fifteen minutes. Use the rest of this class period for research. Each group member is looking for specific information about the geographical boundaries of the Roman Empire during the period he/she was assigned. During the second class period, get together as a group to pool your information. Have each student give a brief report to the group. This is best done in chronological order. Spend the remainder of the second class period making your map(s). There are two ways to do this. The best way is to take a map of that part of the world and make several images of it. Mark on the first slide, use the smartboard to do this, mark the area covered at the beginning of the era of the Roman Empire. Make each subsequent image showing the stages of growth (and retreat as the empire fell apart). During the presentation, show the series of images and give a brief explanation of the ways in which the land was acquired and

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