Analysis Of Purity Reigns By Stephanie Perry Moore

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The main characters in the book Purity Reigns, by Stephanie Perry Moore, are Laurel Shadrach, Branson Price, and Brittany Cox. The protagonist is Laurel because the book is about her and her decisions. The antagonist is Branson because he is going against her wishes by pressuring her into something she doesn't want to do. Laurel, Branson, and Brittany are all seniors in high school this year (Moore 11). Laurel is a tall, dark haired girl. She is very popular around school. She has the strongest relationship with God that you could possibly imagine. Her father is a pastor so she goes to church every Sunday for regular service, every Wednesday for bible study, and most Saturdays for youth group. She is a competitive gymnast and has been for …show more content…
I know this because Laurel says many times that she doesn't want to go against God and her beliefs by having sex before marriage (Moore 77).
Exposition: In the exposition, we learn the setting. It is in Conyers, Georgia. It usually takes place in the Salem High School, Rockdale Gym, Waffle House, or someone's house.
Inciting incident: The inciting incident of the story is the first time Branson tried to have sex with Laurel. This is the main problem in the story so the first time he tried to “go all the way” is when the incident first occurred (Moore 18)
Climax: The climax of the story is when Laurel starts thinking heavily about actually having sex with Branson. At this point, I was very shocked because I thought she would always say no to him from the rising action but when she said she was actually considering doing it, it just through me for a loop (Moore 63 and 64)
Resolution: The resolution to the story is that Laurel doesn't sex. She knows she doesn't want to fornicate. She starts dating a really nice guy at the end named Foster. Her and Foster’s relationship is based around God and it makes it the best relationship she's ever been
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This is when she was with Branson at the doctors to test for an STD he thinks he got from Brittany. The nurse says “Foster Mcdowell, the doctor is ready to see you now,” and Laurel goes back in time. She sits in the waiting room chair thinking about all the good times her and Branson had, but she is thinking about all the bad times they had as well. This is an example of flashback. I chose this example because it really stuck out to me. It made me realize that I never want to be in Laurel’s position. She is sitting with her ex-boyfriend that cheated on her with her best friend waiting to see if he has an STD because he asked her to come. Laurel is very nice and thoughtful for doing that, but I never want to have to go through that stress so this is why I chose this example of

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