Pump Product Essay

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oSlurry pump solutions for the oil and gas industry Weir Minerals Hazleton

Excellent Minerals Solutions

Weir Minerals is committed to delivering long term solutions to the petroleum industries’ most difficult pumping needs.

When the petroleum industry expose their pumping systems to erosive materials, such as coke, catalyst, sand, ash, coal or shale the pumps selected need to be durable, reliable, and of the highest quality. Since 1916, Weir Minerals has supplied long term slurry pumping solutions focused on longevity and reliability to meet the demands of challenging applications for the petroleum industry. The petroleum industry demands performance and pump reliability. Weir Minerals specializes in slurry systems and has been
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Fina Oil Pemex Chevron/Texaco Koch Oil Occidental Petroleum Petro-Canada Refinery, Edmonton CNRL Horizon Oil Sands Suncor Syncrude Exxon Mobil Conoco Phillips CITGO Valero Sunoco Albian Sands Aera Energy
From left: Hazleton slurry pumps are used in a variety of oil and gas applications

• • •

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Vertical / Submersible • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Delayed coker dewatering sumps Slop oil pits FCCU area process sumps Produced water pumps Solvent and bitumen sumps Dump pond sumps Oil / sand slurry sumps Barge supply pumps Conveyor washdown sumps Rail car, truck,

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