Pulse Program Personal Statement

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I am interested in the Pulse Program as I believe the program will give me the opportunity to show the type of student and person I am to the faculty and staff at Cooper Medical School. My ultimate goal is to go to medical school and become an emergency room physician. I am hard working student that knows that it will take a demanding amount of studying to achieve my goal. Participating in the Pulse Program will also allow for me to give back to the community and to the city of Camden that I grew up in. I believe participating in the Pulse Program will allow me to grow as a student and a person, and push me in the right direction towards medical school. Participating in the Pulse Program will allow me to move forward in my goal in being an emergency physician. Just being able to take a class in a medical school, even though at undergrad level, is an opportunity to show Copper Medical School the student and person I am. I will show that I am willing to work extremely hard and come prepared for the course work. From talking to people at the …show more content…
During the information session on December 5th, I heard from speakers about how they got into their profession and specialization. All of the people who spoke on that day speak on how wide the health field is and how they went into specializations that they were not familiar with when first hearing about the field. The health professional seminars and workshops will give me the opportunity to learn more about the health care field. Despite the fact that I am determine in becoming an emergency room physician and do not see myself changing my mind, learning about specializations that I am not familiar with or not aware of will make me more knowledgeable about the health care field. Learning about other specializations will allow for me to go into the specialization that will fit me and I would be the best at

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