Essay about Public Violence And Domestic Violence

1595 Words Nov 10th, 2016 7 Pages
My sign’s purpose was to make advocate or spread awareness about domestic violence. I know many people including my friends and family who are victims or abusers of domestic violence, but I always took it lightly and didn’t speak up about what was happening. But ever since I started this project about domestic violence and became more educated on domestic violence, it really transformed my opinion on domestic violence. Before researching and finding more information about domestic violence, I didn’t really care to speak up about domestic violence; but after reading victims’ stories on domestic violence and really diving deep into how dangerous and heartbreaking domestic violence is, I started to believe that domestic violence is never right and there is no excuse for damaging another person. That is why for my sign, I put the quote “There is no excuse for DOMESTIC ABUSE”. I chose this quote because it was straight to the point and it conveyed the message that domestic violence is never right, hence there’s no excuse for it. I also believed this quote to be impactful because when I first saw it, I instantly thought about all the victims I know. I thought if I don’t advocate or spread the awareness about domestic violence, and if they kill or get killed by their partner, then their death is on me for not speaking up and advocating awareness for domestic violence. If I don’t speak up by simply talking to my friends and family members about why domestic violence is wrong, then…

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