Essay Public Problem Of Police Brutality

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From Private Problem to Public Problem
It was not until the 1931 Wickersham Commission Report that policymakers realized that policing in America had become a major problem (Rushin, 2014). Still today, according to Justice Together (n.d.), “one dimensional stories about victims of police brutality make it far too easy for policy makers and leaders to ignore the true impact of police violence in America.” In addition, pressure from the public and extensive media coverage impacts the decisions of policy makers to found a solution as well (Dowler, 2003). The lack of statistics regarding police brutality and mainly the trend of violence against African-Americans has propelled policymakers to propose reforms that address the issue, “following the deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Freddie Gray” (RT Network, 2015). There are various organizations protesting on behalf of victims of police brutality (misconduct). Such organizations our voices for many people, especially for families who seek justice. Per Groden (2014), “media coverage of police brutality has been an important public service, giving voice to victims and forcing change.”
Politics Stream
Most would concur that police brutality (misconduct) has become a national crisis. Thus, this issue involves an array of actors such as policymakers, individual citizens, the president, advocacy groups and more. For the most part, all policy actors involved agree that all Americans should be treated equally within…

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