Public Health Programs Is Important For People Essay

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Public health programs are important for people to understand risks and benefits of the health care system. Public health has an ideology of long-term philosophy that promotes healthy living. In addition to this long-term philosophy, public health programs are based on preventive care that benefits the person and the community as a whole. The more educated are community is on their health and health care, the better off society will be. The public health program that is important to me is Division of Community Health (DCH): Making Healthy Living Easier. I believe it is the health care system responsibility to allow the community to understand and benefit from healthy living. The United States society is based around short-term fixes. These short-term fixes are fast food and television or other technology. When an individual puts fast food or unhealthy food together with television or other technology it will inhibit exercise. Under extreme circumstance one could do all three and be in moderate shape, however, what we eat does affect our body. Fast food has been a recent phenomenon that has changed the landscape of health care. The options for unhealthy food has always been present in modern society, however, the availability of it has never been matched on this magnitude. It has almost become the identity of the United States to eat fast unhealthy food, rather than a healthy home cooked meal. Therefore, education of healthy alternatives needs to be readily available to…

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