Psychosocial Aspects Of Patient Care Essay

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This essay will discuss the psychosocial aspects of patient care in relation dementia. Psychosocial care is care which involves both the psychological and social aspect of a patient 's life (Mosby 's dictionary of medicine, nursing & health professions, 2008).. It will focus on the interaction of patients and care-givers in the hospital environment and how this has an effect on patient care. The scenario is based around a radiographer carrying out an examination on a 48-year-old dementia patient who lashes out during the examination. It will look at the conduct of the radiographer and how they react in this situation. The essay will focus on the psycho-social aspect and look at the impact Dementia can have on patients and care-givers and how having this understanding will aid in providing a better standard of care. It is important that health care professionals understand that dementia affects individuals in various ways and will produce different symptoms, which is vital in understanding how this affects the psychological development of the patients in the hospital environment (Eckesley, 2011). Multi-disciplinary communication is essential in providing a high standard of patient care (Benson & Rice, 2007). By communicating with other healthcare professionals who have been working with the patient the radiographer will be able to get a brief update on the patient. This may help in highlighting any previous episodes of aggression and will allow the radiographer to go…

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