Psychology Course And Abnormal Psychology Essay

792 Words Nov 20th, 2015 4 Pages
My personal struggles and my family history has allowed me to develop curiosity and encourage me to major in psychology. For me psychology has opened so many branches that I could connect personally. I enjoy learning new things and challenging myself and I believe psychology gives me the knowledge, ability and self-confidence necessary to empower and reach higher education. Psychology has helped me understand myself and how others learn, process information, and react to certain situations. Also coming from a domestic abuse family and father who is a heavy drinker has really impacted my life in so many ways growing up and witnessing such traumatic events and observing how my siblings reacted has always haunted me. There’s no day that I wonder what’s going to happen next. Throughout my psychology courses we explore topics just like this or familiar background. I recall doing a project in my life span psychology course and abnormal psychology course that dealt with substance abuse and domestic /partner abuse I choose something that I connected with and I was familiar with not only just researching about the psychological factors that contribute to this I also got to learn that this is really common in communities of color especially in the community of Mexican-American which I define myself. It allowed me to explore the culture, biological, social and cognitive reasons in why issues like this happen. That is why I’m eager to know more about the subject and be able to help my…

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