Similarities Between Psychology And The Natural Helpers Club

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Psychology and the natural helpers club has helped me discover that I want to help people. Both things have shown me that nobody has a perfect life. Everyone has demons and sometimes people need someone to listen. I learned that you can 't judge a book by its cover because you never know what 's going on in that person 's life. Psychology and the natural helpers club both have common factors. They both can include being a listener and helping others. Both can work one on one and fulfill the needs of one or can work in small groups. The greatest thing about these topics is that you can have a personal connection with someone to help them get in a better spot in life or just to be a comforting listener. In the future, I 'm sure I will learn a …show more content…
Everyone in this whole field should have some way to take the baggage off their shoulders or to leave it behind. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the term psychology is "the science or study of the mind and behavior;" I would say this is an accurate definition. My psychology teacher 's definition was similar, the science of behavior and mental processes, honestly both definitions work. For me, psychology is about helping people and that 's all I want to do because it 's a brings a pleasant feeling when you help people. I know earlier I said that at one point I considered not going to college since then I have decided that I am going to try to get a Ph.D., because this is something I wouldn 't mind doing for the rest of my life. I want to make a difference whether it 's only one person or a bunch of people, I want to make an impact.
Psychology isn 't just helping people it can also be about discovering new things the mind can do. Psychology was a word that people had different definitions for, and now we finally have one complete definition isn 't of several different
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The teacher was funny, upbeat, and energetic and the class was more engaged and ready to learn. This teacher made the class interesting and he had a story for every new topic we learned, which gave us a new look on some things. The topics we learned in this class just interested me so much that I had to go to college for it. I know that the teacher isn 't everything, but if I had a teacher who was monotoned and only talked, I would not be half as interested in learning. While psychology and sociology are both social sciences and work with people they are quite different. Psychology tends to focus on mental processes and behavior and sociology focuses on social relationships, social institutions, and society. The two subjects can sometimes go hand and hand together, there are many people who have decided to major in one subject and minor in the other. Psychology is a social science that studies mental processes and behaviors and tends to work with individuals or in small groups. This field studies and researches in small groups to find principles that can be applied to the whole populations to understand mental health patterns and human behaviors. The field also covers emotional reactions to certain situations or

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