Statement Of Bioethics Honors Program

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Bioethics is a field that relates to a plethora of careers. My major is psychology, and the ethics and morals of psychologists are crucial to conducting experiments and treating patients. The Bioethics Honors Program at Tuskegee University would provide me with the necessary tools and information to advance in my future career without harming the wellbeing of another person.
Psychology has always been an interesting topic to me. The intricacies of the brain and how society affects behavior is fascinating, and this interest is what originally led me to major in psychology. Later on, I realized that what I truly want to do with psychology is use the knowledge and resources I gain to help people that are often marginalized in society. Once I
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Belinda Patrick. After looking into the program, I became aware of all the opportunities I would have access to by joining. Another reason I was intrigued by the program was because of the ways it is related to my major and future career plans. Since I am planning on working directly with a group of marginalized individuals, it is crucial that I know how to morally and ethically solve problems I am faced with within my chosen field. The courses that are required by the Honors Program will equip me with this knowledge that I will use for the rest of my …show more content…
For me, there is no higher achievement than to positively affect the life of another. Helping just one person has the potential to affect the lives of several others, such as the friends and family members of that individual. Leadership is a role that is often earned rather than given. A good leader is someone who does not seek followers, but whose followers seek them. People look for someone who is encouraging and is actively involved in bettering the community and the world. By setting a positive example, a leader can also become a role model. The actions taken by an individual should have such an impact that others strive to be like them. The future depends on younger generations, and those generations need to have someone to look up to. I am hoping that one day I can become that person that people look up to for encouragement to give back to the community as much as they

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