Essay on Psychological Research Techniques And Methodology

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The purpose of this class was to introduce psychological research techniques and methodology so that the student will be able to communicate their ideas in a scientific manner. Research comes in many different forms and this class has introduced several of those methods. Each method is based on scientific processes however each one may also be viewed in a biblical Christian perspective.
Research can be Complicated!
I have learned that there are many steps and procedures involved with research. While reading Methods in Behavioral Research (2015), I discovered that there are four goals involved in scientific research and that behavioral research generally falls into two categories. There are also numerous ways to obtain valuable information while conducting research but the researcher must make sure that they are obtaining the information in an ethical manner.
Goals of Research. The four goals of scientific research on behavior are to describe the behavior, predict behavior, determine the cause of the behavior, and to understand or explain behavior (Cozby & Bates, 2015, p. 8). In order for the researcher to be able to describe the behavior they must first observer the behavior. Behaviors can be observed by using a hands on approach by simply watching how the individual behaves in certain situations or the researcher may incorporate some type of self-report where the research subject tells the researcher what they are thinking or feeling. After observing the behavior the…

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