Essay on Psycho Killers : An Antisocial Personality Disorder

2037 Words May 24th, 2016 null Page
Have you ever wondered why we are the way we are or why we think differently from the people around us? Well, many of these characteristics come from our DNA that we inherited from our parents its part of our genetic make-up. Although, there are many things that we inherit from our environment as we grow. Have you ever thought about why the majority of psycho killers have no remorse towards their actions or why they commit these unexplainable tragedies? Psycho killers have an Antisocial Personality Disorder which causes them to become psychotic, but the big question is does this disorder come from nature or nurture? Research reports infancy and childhood is one of the most important stages of development for a human. Vronsky 2004 states “Emotionally, infancy is crucial to the proper development of the adult personality.” Canter 2005 reports the first year of life is very critical part of the development of emotions such as remorse and affection, so if a child does not receive enough attention, physical touch or emotional support during this time period they may suffer substantial personality disorders in the future. Vronsky 2004 research reports that there may be signs that the child has a psychopathic personality by the age of 2. The infant develops a sense of only itself. This is indicated by the absence of a range of emotions such as sympathy, remorse, and affection (Leyton 1987). Freud believed that we develop early in life with three aspects of personality the…

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