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State the objectives and functions of the following agencies: i. Treasury ii. Accountant General Department Answer:

i. Treasury is a central agency of government, which is one of the largest agencies in Malaysia and operates under the Ministry of Finance. The treasury has five objectives which are: * Ensure sustained and continuous economic growth * Strengthen national competitiveness and economic failure * Ensure effective and prudent financial management * Purse a more equitable sharing of national wealth * Improve quality of life and well-being of society
The general role and responsibility of Treasury is to inform, to plan and to implement fiscal and budgetary policy. Among
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Accountant General ii. Controlling Officer iii. Accounting Officer


i. As according to Treasury Instruction (TI) 3, Accountant General is the principal accountant in the government of the Federation and the head of the Accounts Division of the Federal Treasury with the authority in matters of accounting procedure over the accounts of the Governments of the Federation and of the States. Besides that, Accountant General is also the Head of service for Accountant, Assistant Accountant, Book Keeper and Data Processing machine Operator. He is also the Registrar of Unclaimed Moneys. Accountant General is responsible to determine and maintain a proper accounting system to ensure all government property is safe, all expenses are made correctly, all revenues are collected on time and all receipts accounted correctly. As for the duties of Accounting General, it is according to TI 138: (a) to see that a proper system of accounts is established and appropriate precautions instituted against

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