Proton Therapy Essay

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Topic: Benefits of Proton Therapy
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Benefits of Proton Therapy in Cancer Patients
Cancer remains the second most common cause of death in the US, accounting for nearly one of every four deaths. About 13 million Americans have cancer and more than 1 million are diagnosed every year. Although there are different treatments available that kills cancer, proton therapy provides a better quality of life during and after cancer treatment than others. Today I am here to inform you on the benefits of proton therapy in cancer patients. Proton therapy is a type of radiation treatment that uses a focused, high-energy proton beam to kill cancer cells with precision and accuracy. This way the surrounding healthy tissues are not
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Protons acts differently. In Proton therapy a particle accelerator is used to target the tumor with a uniform and precise beam of protons which kills the cancerous cells without wasting the extra energy.
1. As stated in a 2009 article published in Imaging Technology News, commenting on the ability of protons to treat hard-to-reach tumors more effectively, it explained that “Uniform scanning is a new device that moves a single beam of protons in a sweeping or "scanning" motion, enabling the beam to reach deeper into the body and to cover a wider treatment area than the more commonly used scattering method.”
B. Treating cancer in delicate and vital organs like eyes, heart and brain can be very dangerous because there are lots of nerves around these organs and if those nerves get damaged they can cause some serious side effects like paralysis, blindness etc. As traditional radiation methods are not as precise and powerful, it makes proton therapy a better choice for treating cancers around these organs.
2. According to John Munzenrider and Norbert Liebsch’s article in 2009 issue of radiology and oncology magazine, they state, “ Charged particle beams are ideal for treating skull base and cervical spine tumors: dose can be focused on the target, while achieving significant sparing of the brain, brain stem,

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