Pros And Disadvantages Of Celebrity Endorsements

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Register to read the introduction… (Boorstin, 2005) Celebrity endorsements carry a lot of benefits for the company of the product they are endorsing. That is why the companies are so much eager to hire them to promote their goods and services. One of the advantages in celebrity endorsements is an instant establishment of credibility. This means with the celebrity’s approval in promoting a certain brand or product it creates a sense of trust for the brand among the target consumers. Another is the guaranteed attention of the viewers of the advertisements. Using celebrities or well-known personalities would make it more noticeable and interesting, therefore grabbing the attention of the viewer. Another advantage is the higher degree of recall or the extent in which a consumer can remember the brand (Boorstin, 2005). The recall value will rise if people will perceive the brand and the celebrity as two equal elements. Since celebrities are adored and idolized by their fans, they are being tapped to influence the fans towards their endorsed brand. Lastly, celebrity can also compensate for the lack of innovative ideas …show more content…
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