Pros And Cons Of Using Cell Phones While Driving

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Cellphone usage behind the wheel of a car should be prohibited in every circumstance. There is no text, call, newsfeed, or update that is important enough to risk losing a life over. Using a cellphone while driving is a popular yet selfish decision that needs to be terminated immediately. Drivers’ use of cell phones while vehicles are in motion should be prohibited because it is a vision distractor, it is law enforced, and it is a hazard to other drivers and passengers.
Most importantly, people should not use cell phones while driving because it distracts them, which causes them to look somewhere else other than the road. Some people can text or make calls on their cell phone when driving; however, they still get distracted. When a driver slows down the car to text or make a phone call, he or she is taking his or her attention away from the road, which is one of the most common ways to end up in a car crash. The main reason that it is
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Drivers have to realize that if they use their cell phones on the road, not only are they putting their own lives in risk, but their passengers, the pedestrians, and other drivers too. Drivers have to be responsible and respect each other. Since people get easily distracted by their phones, it is important that nobody uses their cell phone while on the road. The chances of hitting a pedestrian increase because people are not completely focused on the road. Most of the time car accidents are deadly. There are many accidents caused by people who lost their focus on the road because of their cell phone that end up dead. Sometimes the driver that caused the accident is not the only one that dies. His or her passengers may die too, as well as the others drivers involved in the accident. Being responsible and respecting other people when driving is one step to decrease car accidents caused by drivers using their cell

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