Substance Abuse Persuasive Speech

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You open your eyes, only to discover a world without an end. A world filled with animals, trees, and no sense of time. At first, the world seems suspicious, but after a short time, it becomes a familiar place. Just as you start walking around in this mysterious environment, a bright light all of a sudden brings you back to reality.

“Can you hear me?” a strange voice asks.

You moan, trying to understand what just happened. The more you look around, the more you realize that you’re no longer in this magical place. Instead, you realize that you have just crashed your vehicle and the person talking to you is the paramedics.

“I can smell liquor” one of them says, and you try to defend yourself, but the liquor won’t let you speak. You try to
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In other words, Prominent politicians from across the country are advocating for increased investment into substance abuse education in order to decrease the likelihood of teens driving under the influence.

“So what does this mean?” you asks.

Well, for teens and young adults, this means that classes are now offered to help educate you. In order to understand to pros, you must first understand the cons. In this case, substance abuse should never be an option for drivers, especially teens. Understanding how drugs and alcohol affects the human body will give you the ability to make rational decisions. It will also expose you to the ugly truth, and show you how one split second can change your life forever.

2. Plan In Advance

If you are of age, and decide to attend a social event, make sure you designate a driver. This is a very popular tactic to avoid driving under the influence and an effective one at that. Assigning a designated driver will help you in the long run because once you start drinking, your brain no longer has the ability to make quick decisions and starts functioning at a slower

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