Pros And Cons Of Euthanizing

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Should Dogs Be Euthanized?

Have you ever thought about euthanizing? Sometimes it’s what is best for the animal. Dogs might bite on impulse because they are nervous. When little kids think a dog is cute and run up to it, it might scare the dog and make them bite. Even though they don’t mean to. Dogs get nervous, just because they are wagging their tail does not mean they are happy. If a dog has wide eyes, a wagging tail that is more focused; straight up, not so lazy and laid back then the animal is very nervous.
Many people who walk down the street and see a dog they want to help, however people don’t know that animal’s story. Some dogs might have been fighting dogs that got away. So in some cases that dog might think you are going to harm it. Dogs are not born to attack. They are “trained” to fight.
If you’re dog bites the first thing you need
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The Pit Bull is one of them. Pit Bulls have a really bad reputation. What is the reason they have a reputation? The reasons is because many people train them to become fighting dogs. Then if they ever have puppies they then have the instinct to fight. Then these dogs are being trained they have not contact with people except the trainer. The trainer or the owner has another dog that is put in a pen with the Pit Bull, however the Pit Bull is put on a thin chain and just a few inches away from the other dog in the pen. This is what gets them to fight other dogs. Dogs are not born to fight it is how they are raised.
There are many reasons why a fighting dog should be put down or euthanized. Some people might disagree, however it what is best for the animal. This will prevent this animal from getting out and killing other animals. When dogs are trained to fight and have puppies then they will have the instinct to kill as well. This is why pit bulls have a horrible reputation. If dog fighting stops then euthanizing animals would stop. This would put an end to the

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