It's Time To Legalize The Death Penalty

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Since the late 1800’s there has been a drastic decrease in the amount of executions sought on by the government to criminals who have committed a capital offense. A capital offense is a crime, such as murder or betrayal of one’s county that may result in the death penalty. With the recent increase in horrendous acts around the world, I believe the number of criminals that are sentenced to the death penalty should increase tremendously. The government typically delivers it by lethal injection now but there are other ways that were used in the past such as the electric chair, hanging and use of a gas chamber (Facts about the Death Penalty). To one, it may help deter crimes and further prevent a criminal from preventing another crime, but an estimated sixty-eight percent of criminals were released from prison and then later returned for committing a similar act. To others, the death penalty is a way for the government to execute innocent people, the government is then deemed a hypocrite. The death …show more content…
There are many pros and cons to the death penalty. Pros being that it will prevent the criminals from committing another crime, similar or different to the one committed previously, the death penalty costs less than LWOP, the criminals received the same punishment that they put upon someone else. The death penalty is also reassuring for the victims and families. Although there are pros there are cons such as an innocent person who was wrongfully accused of the crime would be killed, a person with a mental impairment could be charged for something they could not absolutely control, people disagreeing with the death penalties could become enraged and start arguments and riots. The use of the death penalty may soon increase and criminals who have committed a capital crime will be punished

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