Private Colleges Vs Community Colleges Essay

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Community colleges used to partake a reputation for being less academically serious. However, they’ve astonished by a large amount of opportunities for all students that want to succeed. A whole viewpoint of positive perspectives upholds among those that remain on the run for a new pathway. Moreover, standards and recognition improved along with the level of education students receive. Choosing a community college greatly benefits students making it the best choice of school. Also, diversity runs abundantly among colleges. Individuals hold the option of choosing a public or private college. The difference between the two relies on the method that’s used to pay off tuition. Concerning tuition, local and state governments fund public colleges. On the other hand, private schools don’t receive any funding from …show more content…
Students partake the ability to apply or receive financial aid. However, some don’t meet the requirements. Professional certificates offered at community colleges stand academically fair as those at other schools. Although, they don’t offer bachelor degrees because community college only consists of two years. Unlike the university, individuals get personalized attention which allows them to build a stronger connection with their counselors. All students want to receive feedback quickly. Therefore, students find more convenience in smaller classrooms. Numerous individuals want to attend a community college because they of transferring schools/credits whenever they please to. A significant amount of parents and older-aged students get to balance their life in school and at home. In spite, not all manage their time well which interferes with school work. The majority want what’s best for them, and that’s why a community college remains a better choice. People want to continue their education at a community college; for, it provides better options than those at

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