Pros And Cons Of College Students

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Do you know someone who is stressed out over college? I know sometimes I feel like I can’t handle it anymore. I think it would be an excellent idea to have classes that will help you when you’re stressed out or feel like giving up for college students. If mental health classes were included in our tuition or if we had a choice to have it included I believe it would help a lot of students. Having a class that helps students cope with college reasons to show students that they aren’t alone. Which gives the appointee to be able to talk to others knowing they’re not alone and you will be able to talk to others that have the same problem. There are facts about college students that about “80 percent say they often or sometimes experience daily …show more content…
I have never really been good at school, but I told myself not to give up because I believe in myself and I want to make my family proud. When I was in 3rd grade one of my teacher’s noticed that I was struggling in class; I had to go to the doctor, and I got diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD). I use to take medicine for it while I was in school 3rd -9th grade. I was in classes that helped which means I would get pulled when we had quiz or test. It would help not get as distracted and sometimes the teachers would read to me the questions on the exams and quizzes which helped a lot. When I got into college, it changed. You have to help yourself and figure things out on your own because you’re an adult now. I do get to go to an office Student Accessibility Services (SAS) when I take a test for a quieter place. I notice every semester gets harder and harder, but I never give up. One day I wanted to give up, so I had to call my mother and told her "I need to get on my medicine again", because I feel like it would help me, but the thing about that medication I have no appetite. Which why I stopped taking it freshman year of high school and I just think if there was a class that could help me get through school mentally would help me a lot, and I wouldn’t need to get back on the

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