Cons Of Cell Phones In School

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Technology become more and more popular in people’s life. It is very difficult to imagine to live without technology. Especially cell phones or mobile phones are the most popular technology for all of us. Everything has its pros and cons, mobile phones too, has its positives and negatives impacts. For the teenegers who are studied in school, their parents shouldn’t allow them to have cell phones because it brings a lot of negative impact for them. Students uses cell phone will have health issues, receive bad impact on studies and reduce to spend time with people. Using cell phone for a long time will harmful for student’s body. In today’s world, people are spending too much time on their cell phones computer or any other technology. Especially …show more content…
Students uses cell phones become a fashion in school. Most of their parents think the cell phones were helping them to keep touch with their kids. It is a good technology for the students to have it. They didn’t think about the bad things that were causing by having a cell phones as students in school. First, like the article “One Third of Teens Use Cell Phones to Cheat in School” by Zach miners, When someone told the parents, there were some teenages using cell phones for cheating. They wouldn’t think that was his kid.Because for the parents, they believed they are good kids deep down. Those informations remain the parents and the educators. As the technology make things more smart and easy for the students to cheat in school, parents and educators have to pay more attentions onto the students to make sure they are still going in a right way. Secondly, Cell phones will drop down student’s grade. Cell phones is making a lot of distraction for the students when they were studying. Sarah D. Sparks mentions in the article, students grade increases after their phone got banned by the school. (Technology, Distraction, and Student Performance). How cell phones distract us from study? My friends had shared an experiences with me and I am feeling the same as him. He said, While I am try to review or do my homework, my phone rang. My friends were texting me. I have to text him back. When I saw …show more content…
Home should be the warmest place to stay but he said his brother was using text messages to communicated with parents instead of talking. His brother wouldn’t say anything to his parents after he got home. He will just send a text message to his mom about he just got home. I was like what! Why wouldn’t you just tell them you were home? It wouldn’t take you that long and it has been happens in a lot of family. They are using less talking but more texting to communicate with each other. I don’t feel that is a good communicated with each other. As long as you are not facing that person, you didn’t know how he 's been today. By looking at people’s face, we can get a lot of informations. People used to show their emotion on their languages. Not only the language they said, but also more on their body languages. Cell Phones is taking away the opportunity to talk with other people face to face. For the students, the will need to go into the society. They will need talk with a lot of differences people face to face. If they keep texting in the phone, it is not a good things for them to

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