Pros And Cons Of Being A Student

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You may misjudge me as an average student although the fact I am an exceptional student. Let me share with you some solid facts in my life. Before starting college and for 11 consecutive years (1994 - 2005), I was the top 1st or 2nd student on my class. Not only this, I was one of the top 10 students across the whole state/governorate and the governor rewarded me two times for my exceptional academic performance. Being a gifted student, the ministry of education in Egypt offered me to join a special high school built in the capital for gifted and talented students nationwide. My conservative father rejected the offer as the school was too far (400 miles) from home. I was the exemplary student and the student union president in certain years. …show more content…
One of the cons of that scholarship was that its focus was leadership and it required a lot of activities and work. This made me face many challenges at the beginning such as time management issues. For example, I missed some deadlines in my courses and got penalized for late work submission although all my grades in quizzes and exams were excellent. Later, I learned how to manage time and tackled all issues. Many leadership trainings and responsibilities were mandatory on weekly basis and I was required to write weekly reports. For example, I traveled with a group to many different states and met the governor to discuss current issues in the community and the plan to solve these issues. Then, I was writing reports to evaluate the governor’s plans and mindset. Also, one of the required scholarship activities was that we study a problem facing the society and organize a national conference to propose solutions to the invited guests such as entrepreneurs, governors and ministers. We examined many topics such as "The Role of Civil Society in Egypt", "Entrepreneurship in Egypt", and "Sexual Harassment in Egypt". Each topic had its own conference in a separate year. All these responsibilities put extra burden on me and I was evaluated every semester by a leadership performance indicator called LPI to continue …show more content…
For example, I was a member of ACM University Team in 2010 and I participated in ACM competitions. Also, I was a member of math club and a participant in AUC Mathematics Competition in 2009 where I discussed difficult problems in the field of mathematics. In 2011, I volunteered to teach programming to high school students and I was the coach for a team of 3 students who developed an app using PHP, Flash and MySql to compete in an international competition called Oracle Think-Quest. We received a certificate of achievement from Oracle. Other non-computer activities include being the head of Palestinian People Party in the United Arab League Delegate in 2008 and finalist in Master Mind Business Plan Competition in 2009. I like learning everything new in computer science and I have a passion toward research.
I learned more than 20 new technologies by completing online courses on Lynda and Udemy.
I like programming and research and I earned a US Patent as a result of research I conducted independently. This may make me the fist Egyptian to be the sole inventor of a US patent earned from efforts outside of R&D laboratories. This proves my deep passion, motivation, and competency in the field of research and computer science. I also volunteered to work with the open source community by contributing to gameplay3d project that is a

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