Chief Leduff Essay: 'Coming From Where I' M From?

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' 'Coming from where I 'm from. ' ' As Anthony Hamilton said on his Album Coming From Where I 'm From. These lyrics relate to me by not letting anything get in my way from achieving my dreams in life. Chief Leduff has inspired me during my early teenage years. Therefore, as I follow the footsteps of a black man during my early teenage years who help me change my life around and get my organization going around Baton Rouge and other cities around the area. At the same time, Chief Leduff inspired me during my early teenage years in serval ways. For example, I grew up in a rough neighborhood like Chief Leduff. I grew up in The Scotlandville Subdivision. Chief Leduff grew up in the Glen Oaks Subdivision. The Scotlandville Subdivision is a very …show more content…
I started my organization to help kids around the Louisiana area. For example my organization is to try help kids stay out of trouble. Like for the kids that 's in and out of juvnile detention is to help them change the life around while they are still young. Also on every 2nd saturday of the month I have a event called Come Out and Share your Story. It 's where we have kids and adults that 's been in trouble through out their and tell how they change their life around. I also do chat sessions with kids to see what I can do to help them achieve their dreams and get on the right path. Another example is, I become a brother to kids that are growing up with out a father. I would tell them my story of not growing up without a father. Than I would take the kids out to have a little fun to get their head clear and to show them you don 't need a father around all the time to enjoy yourselfs. Another i with the kids is a carwashto show them there are ways to make money to buy what they want or need. Suddenly, I find my organization very helpful to kids in

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