Reflection Of Michelle Alexander's 'The Trouble I' Ve Seen?

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In the 21st century, it is highly depressing and devastating that the “UNITED” States of America still wrestles with the issues of race and racism. With the vicious incidents of Police brutality, as well as the heighten growth of the prison population. Michelle Alexander presents the world with a power packed source that confronts on head this new system of racial segregation called “The New Jim Crow.” In this essay, I will discuss some key points that Michelle Alexander brings forward, have a conversation between the New Jim Crow and The Blackwell Companion, and also discuss some hard feelings with the church after reading this material. To set the background for this dialogue, I would like to open with a brief story. In Drew Hart’s book, “The trouble I’ve Seen”, He tells of his brother being black in a white controlled world. His brother, a young black man arrested because “he fit the description of someone who had recently committed a crime.” Not being a criminal and being nowhere near the scene of the crime, this story brings to light the everyday life of African …show more content…
He says, as Christian ethics, worship does not simple encourage or facilitate racial reconciliation. Rather, it institutes a whole new social reality in which being black or white just makes no sense.” Bingo, Katongole states that there must be a whole new platform created in order for justice, reconciliation and renewal to break forth. For the church to be able to speak out against the age of mass incarceration, there must be a true God inspired worship created across racial lines, as well as social lines. Until there is a true communion of all God’s people, I can honestly care less about

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