The New Jim Crow And The Jail

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Historically African Americans have received the downside to civil matters causing social upheaval. African American individuals have been racially discriminated due to the color of their skin and not their humanistic output towards a situation. Stereotypes and recent progression on perception have forced people to assume that everyday rights have been granted to all individuals no matter their racial background. Due to this aspect, African Americans are placed into a cast system with a harsh system of operations. “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander and “The Jail” by John Irwin both explain the unfair results of incarceration organizations and unjust civil matters. Through recent years the race of people of color has been seen as the minority …show more content…
Alexander state 's that “…police regularly stop and search people for no reason whatsoever; penalties for many crimes are so severe that innocent people plead guilty…” (59). When the justice system notices that a person of color is involved with the harsh treatment of the police; they do not rationalize with the situation. They view the racial aspect of the person and once again stereotype that a crime must have been committed due to so many other people of that race getting into trouble as well. Authority will use their hierarchy in proportion to the order of the civil court to obtain people for no reason other than assumption and population count. The fact that it looks better for police to capture many people that fit the stereotypical aspect of a criminal is another reason for high jail rates. When a cop doesn’t bring in many people, it seems as if they are not properly fulfilling their required job. Historic events have set up recent biased racial perception due to past societies discriminating individuals of color. Society progresses towards increased violent behavior due to separation of the races. Crime from one aspect of race results in greater retaliation from other cultures. Stereotyped viewpoints and biased expectation on individuals constructs a redeveloped “Jim Crow” level of social order. People are colorblind to the way others of opposite races act towards

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