Proposal for Setting a Day Care Essay

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• Introduction
• Summary
• Project description
• Rationale of proposing day care
• Work plan
• Project phase
• Budget
• Conclusion
• Works Cited

Introduction Huston Community College is a higher education institution that provides learning opportunities to different communities which include Texas, Missouri city and Stanford. The communities around the colleges provide services to the college as they work in institution and some study there. Parents comprise a large portion of these communities and helping them manage some of their responsibilities which include taking care of their children while they at work or studying will go a long way in improving their performance. The purpose of this paper is to propose the
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Through a daycare that is close to parents, they are enabled to monitor their children and respond to emergencies easily and fast.

Rationale for proposing a daycare Close to fifty percent of children living in the United States are currently cared for by people who are not close relatives of theirs. According to Conley (34) ”In two-parent homes, both parents work, providing a large and ever growing consumer base for the daycare industry.” Therefore establishing a daycare will not only help the parents but will also is a source of revenue to the institution.

Parents comprise close to a third of the working population of Huston community college and close to an eighth of the students population. A large percentage of this population can’t afford paying for nanny services or they do not trust leaving their children to strangers without their supervision. This leads to parents bringing their children work or to school for the student parents.

In this perspective children become a hindrance to effective performance of the workers as they are supposed to take care of their children and perform their duties at the same time and for the student parent they have to attend class and take care of their children leading to lower levels of concentration in their education.

After interacting with the parents who work or study in Huston community college I realized that close to 90% of the few I met

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