Proper Classroom Management Strategies

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An effective teacher is one who knows that the work she does preparing classroom routines and procedures at the start of the school year will mean less class time devoted to handling disciple problems as the school year progresses. Classroom management is one of the most important aspects of a successful year for both the teacher and the students. Classroom management needs to begin before school even starts. The teacher needs to spend some time before the school term begins to decide what routines will aid in her class functioning smoothly. Once she has determined what routines are needed, she can then design step by step procedures that will make that routine become a habit for her and her students. Proper classroom management strategies …show more content…
The teacher will be more productive because she will have her day planned out and be able to smoothly go from task to task without figuring out what to do next. She will be able to spend more time teaching the lesson, and less time explaining how to perform the regular procedures related to getting ready for the lesson. Students will be more productive because they will know exactly what is expected of them and what actions they are to perform to meet that goal. If the teacher says,” Ok time for reading”, the students will have learned the procedure that lets them know to put away their work and proceed silently to their square on the carpet. The teacher will not have to explain to go to the carpet every day at reading time, because the procedures regarding reading time will be routines because proper classroom management steps have been taken. Len A Froyen and Annette M. Iverson authors of Schoolwide and Classroom Management: The Reflective Educator-leader, state that “Academic achievement, teacher efficacy, and teacher and student behavior are directly linked with the concept of school and classroom management” (Froyen). This link creates a classroom that that is able to transition from activity to activity without losing valuable school time with procedure

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