My Behavior Management Plan

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Behavior Management Plan Number One
My second placement is a first grade class with a high number of Individualized Educational Plans (I.E.Ps). There are sixteen students in our first grade class, which contains seven girls and nine boys. One behavior management that my mentor teacher uses is the colored clip stick. She has a yard stick that has been painted starting from red on the bottom which is “Parent Contact.” The next step up is orange which is “Make Better Choices,” which is followed by yellow and is named “Think about it.” Everyday our students start off on green which is known as “Ready to Learn.” If our students misbehave or do not follow directions assigned by their teacher they will be asked to move a clip down to yellow. Although
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When looking at the chart, it looks almost like a calendar. This management plan is an extension of the Behavior Clips that my mentor teacher uses. The clips are a daily goal for the children to shoot for, however, the behavior chart turns it into a monthly goal. At the end of each day, the children color in their clip color for the day (if they were on green or moved their clip up to either blue, purple, or silver. If the child had to move their clip down, however, they must bring their notebook to the teacher to have her color in their square for the day. She uses this behavior management technique as a reward for the children to encourage them to try their best throughout the day. In the morning the children bring her their notebooks to check in, and she checks their behavior charts, if they have ten consecutive days of green or better they get to pick something out of the treasure …show more content…
Personally, I believe that if properly used in the classroom this could be an effective strategy to use. It works well with the students in my current placement, however, this behavior management plan will not work with every class. You have to know your students before you can determine the right behavior plan for them. Every class is different, and what might work with one group, might not work with another group of children. Depending on the class it will likely need to be adapted to fit each class. My concern with this behavior plan is that with the students who have special needs, this plan will likely not work. In my last placement we had a student with pretty severe Autism, he was extremely defiant, and also had a bad home life. Depending on the day he might have an okay day, but other days were really bad. This type of behavior management plan might not be effective in his case, due to the fact that a day long behavior goal was too long for him to ever succeed with. We had to use positive behavior goals per section of the day, where he could earn his smiley face for his chart. By the end of the day if he had received all of his smiley faces on his sectioned day chart he was rewarded. Effective classroom management, in my opinion, is having the ability to adapt in order to fit the needs of all

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