Promoting Health Education Unit 20 Essay examples

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In this assignment I will be explaining three different approaches to health education. I will also be giving examples of each approach being used and lastly I will also be explaining the role of the health educators in these approaches. The three approaches I will be talking about are as follows; social marketing approach, two way communication and community development approach.
Health education is usually used to give information and advice of the knowledge and skills that the professionals have gained in their sector in order to change the behaviour that affects health an example of this could be using social marketing by putting posters up in busses about eating healthy. Health educators come from a wide range of professions
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Counselling sessions on drugs and other substances introduced/alcohol help sessions

The subject that my campaign will be based on is drugs and the effects that different types of drugs can have on individuals and one of the services in my local area that supports individuals with taking drugs to make them feel better is Scala House in Birmingham and this service supports individuals by making referrals to other organisations Assessments and referrals to other support services and also provide one to one sessions on general support and home visits to individuals who may not be able to come to the surgery but require help with their drug addiction. The market material that is being used to promote my campaign from my local service is media because they have a Facebook page on drugs and where individuals can go to if they require help with their addiction they also use leaflets and posters which are on busses for the public to see when they are sitting down on their journeys they use big bold writing on their posters which helps attract the reader’s attention.
The first approach I will be talking about is the social marketing approach this approach strongly focusses on what people need help with and how to help them overcome their bad habits this is done by showing and explaining the long term affects and the risks that the individual is taking for an example showing people why it is so important to stay healthy and eat right and if they

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