Project Governance Case Study

Project Governance. This activity defines the PMO structure because it is during this activity that the organization determines whether the PMO will function in a consultative role or as a centralized entity. If the former, the project manager uses the PMO as a consultative resource; if the latter, the project manager is essentially on the PMO staff and is assigned to projects as they occur.

The key to establishing an effective and efficient PMO is the charter for its operation. The charter will clearly state who is in charge of the PMO, what the limits of the PMO’s authority are, and how the PMO will function relative to the rest of the organization. Other components of this activity include establishing an executive control board, defining
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Based on the PMO influence it will be structured as one of the following:

• Project Office

o A dedicated temporary group that is focussing on the supply side and ensuring that the project is delivered successfully.

o It provides consultancy, advisory and governance services as required by the project and program manager.

o Project delivery activities such as the work breakdown structure, the recording of time and the setting of standards.

o Project and Program management functions such as reporting on performance and the provisioning of specialist expertise including governance.

o Resource management including the management of scheduling, planning, financial control and budgeting.

• Project Support Office

o Has a tactical supply side focus in order to improve the project
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o Project delivery activities including project administration, work breakdown structure, time recording, standards and time recording.

o Activities around the management of the project including project planning, reporting on performance, providing speciality expertise such as risk management, scheduling management and cost management, quality management and lessons learned.

o Planning and scheduling the activities of the project staff members.

Project Management Office

o Review business case and confirm cost benefits, project risks, project health status and implementation reviews

o Provide feedback and reporting to the governance group on issues such as the utilisation of resources, the performance of the project and the all important lessons learned.

o Evaluate, mentor and develop the project and program managers

o Scheduling of multiple projects to address project resource dependencies.

• Enterprise Project Office

o Strong demand side role in order to ensure that the investment decisions of the organisation provide the greatest benefits by making use of the available resources.

o Involvement in the development of the overall organisational

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